Discover the premium quality and excellence of Our Shallots. Meticulously sourced and carefully maintained.

Shallots, also known as bawang merah in Indonesia, botanical name Allium cepa var. aggregatum, are a type of small bulbous plant closely related to onions and garlic. Experience the epitome of quality with our meticulously sourced and carefully maintained shallots. Cultivated in the fertile soils of Indonesia, our shallots undergo stringent quality control measures at every stage of production. From meticulous sourcing to precise cultivation and careful processing, we ensure that only the finest shallots reach our buyers. Our commitment to excellence guarantees exceptional freshness, flavor, and texture in every bulb. With Astiva Global Indonesia’s premium shallots, you can trust that you’re receiving a product of unparalleled quality and reliability.


  • Probolinggo Shallots (Best Quality)
  • Brebes
  • Nganjuk

Advantages Of Probolinggo Shallots

The main advantages of Probolinggo shallots are their distinctive taste and strong aroma. In addition, Probolinggo shallots have thick and durable skin, making them more resistant to disease and insects.

Product Range:

  • “Small” means less than 2cm
  • “Medium” means 2 to 3 cm, inclusive.

  • “Large” means over 3cm
  • We can adjust to buyer needs

Term Of Payments:

  • Irrevocable Letter of Credit (L/C) payment (for US$ 50,000 above)

  • Telegraphic/ Swift Wire Transfer (T/T) A 50% down payment in advance is required to start the production.

  • The rest of the payment has to be done upon invoice after the container is loaded. Original documents will be sent to the consignee upon receipt of the transfer.

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